Own It

Lumberyard In Growing Small

Town For Sale.  Own Your Destiny!


We are currently looking for a growth-minded family to take over and grow our local lumberyard.


Financial support is available. 


Contact Megan Spargo today at mcspargo@gmail.com 

How long is your commute?

“Today, my commute is 5 minutes. In Denver, I used to spend 2 hours a day in my car. What a waste. Now, my family gets an extra hour AND so do I!” 


Ben Blecha, Founder goherogo.com

Got an itch for Business?

"Storefront property is a steal here.  I remodeled my building and pay thousands a month less than the city. Plus, I own it!" - Nicole Sis, Founder Seize the Daisy

Growing Kids?

"Our kids are so active here.  We couldn't afford the club fees or the commute time in Frankfurt.  They love it!" - Nikki Rauch, Our Token German 

Benkelman CRA : Coordinator Megan Spargo
126 7th Avenue East, PO Box 347

Benkelman, NE 69021 

Email: megan.cra@bwtelcom.net

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