Dundy County Gift Card Match Program

Support your

Local Businesses

Turn $1 dollar into $2 with your gift card purchase!

When you buy a gift card from a qualifying business

in  Dundy County – the business will receive

a dollar for dollar match from the Benkelman CRA, Dundy County Community Foundation, Haigler Community Foundation, Dundy County Chamber of Commerce and Development and the Dundy County Visitor’s Bureau.

Brought to you in partnership by:

Benkelman CRA /Envision Benkelman


Dundy County Community Foundation


Haigler Community Foundation


Dundy County Chamber of Commerce and Development


Dundy County Visitor’s Bureau


In order to be eligible to receive match funding from this program, all forms and proof of gift card purchases need to be turned in to the Dundy County Chamber of Commerce and Development (DCCD) located at the Benkelman Post at 513  Chief Street no later than Thursday, May 7th (round one of checks) or Thursday, June 4th (round 2 of checks). See the calendar below.

All documents can be mailed to 513 Chief Street, Benkelman, NE 69021 or dropped at the DCCD/ Benkelman Post.

Matching funds are available for gift cards purchased on or after April 27th and until funds are exhausted. None sold prior to April 27th are eligible.

Below you will find both Word and Pdf documents to print for your convenience. Please choose the best file type for your needs.

If you would like a copy of the campaign rules and information listed below, please feel free to download the following file:

Benkelman CRA : Coordinator Megan Spargo
126 7th Avenue East, PO Box 347

Benkelman, NE 69021 

Email: megan.cra@bwtelcom.net

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