How can I contact a City Council member?  

The council members do not have designated offices at the Municipal Offices. You can direct questions or concerns by sending an e-mail to the general delivery box at cityben@bwtelcom.net.

Where can I find an ordinance or Municipal Code? 

The Municipal Code is available for public viewing in the City Clerk’s Office.


How do I get an item on the City Council Agenda? 

Items can be placed on the Council agenda by contacting the City Clerk no later than seven business days prior to the City Council meeting. Items submitted after the deadline will be scheduled for the following meeting. Emails may be sent to cityben@bwtelcom.net.

Benkelman CRA : Coordinator Megan Spargo
126 7th Avenue East, PO Box 347

Benkelman, NE 69021 

Email: megan.cra@bwtelcom.net

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